Philips NMS 1421
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The NMS 1421 is a 9-pin letter quality dot-matrix impact printer with International MSX character set released by Philips. It is a cost reduced version of the NMS 1431.

Some of the differences

  • No front panel buttons
  • Slightly different letter quality
  • Printer cable fixed to the printer
  • Manual paper feed, vs semi-automatic on the NMS 1431
  • No way to set TAB stops though software
  • Cannot set page length in inches through software
  • Perforation skip for fanfold paper can only be set through DIP switches
  • Margins cannot be set
  • Line spacing cannot be set to nn/216
  • Cannot print uni-directional
  • No support for backspace (BS)

Some of the limitations can be avoided by using software like Dynamic Publisher that prints in graphics mode, instead of text mode.

The original replacement print ribbon cartridge is the SBC 436.

Brand Philips (Manufacturer: Seikosha)
Model NMS 1421
Year 1987
Region Europe
Launch price BE: Bfr 14,000
Package content NMS 1421 Printer
Paper shelf
Print ribbon cartridge
Instruction Manual


Philips NMS 1421
Philips NMS 1421 back
Philips NMS 1421 manual
Philips NMS 1421 box

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