Philips NMS 1436
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The NMS 1436 is a 9-pin letter quality dot-matrix impact printer released by Philips. It is the sequel to the NMS 1431 and VW 0030. The difference, apart from the colour, is that this unit via DIP switch settings can be put into MSX, Epson, IBM or Prestel videotex mode. As such the printer was primarily meant for use with IBM Compatibles, but can also be used as an MSX printer with support for the MSX International Character set. Also, as was common with printers for the PC market, a printer cable was not included.

The original replacement print ribbon cartridge is the SBC 436.

Brand Philips (Manufacturer: Seikosha)
Model NMS 1436
Region Europe
Launch price
Package content NMS 1436 Printer
Paper shelf
Print ribbon cartridge
Instruction Manual


Philips NMS 1436
Philips NMS 1436 manual