Poker 5
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Poker 5 is a game created by Joseph Paumier and published in Hebdogiciel 74 of 15/03/85.

Here's, for the greatest pleasure of the amateurs, a quite singular poker game.


Poker 5 - intro screen
Poker 5 - game screen
Poker 5 - score


POKER 5 is played on a grid 5x5. 25 cards from a game of 52 cards are presented one by one. You must place them in order to score a maximum of points knowing that each column and each line are viewed as a poker hand.

On the intro screen, press the O key to see the instructions, otherwise press the N key to play.

With each card, you have 20 seconds to decide. Any delay is penalized with 5 points. The game can be played with 2 players or alone.


  • One Pair 1 point
  • Two pair 2 points
  • Flush 5 points
  • Three of a Kind 6 points
  • Full House 10 points
  • Straight 12 points
  • Four of a Kind 16 points
  • Straight Flush 30 points