Raid Over Coucou
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Raid Over Coucou is a game published by the French magazine Hebdogiciel. The listing has been divided in 2 parts (Issues 100 and 101 of 13/09/85 and 20/09/85). The game has been created by Stéphane Mecary.

On board of your plane, win promotion by the force of the joystick!


Raid Over Coucou - intro screen
Raid Over Coucou - stage 1
Raid Over Coucou - stage 2
Raid Over Coucou - stage 3
Raid Over Coucou - promotion screen


This game includes 3 stages. Validate your choice joystick or keyboard by pressing the SPACEBAR.

1st stage: You must first gain altitude by SPACE, open the hangar's door by F1 and try to leave. You can move with the left and right keys and accelerate your moves by the up key.

2nd stage: You must take off (at a certain speed) and fly over the tower of control. You lose or gain altitude with the up and down keys. You accelerate or decelerate with the right and left keys.

3rd stage: You must destroy a city by releasing bombs (press on the SPACEBAR).