Sanyo KA-MAP-06
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The Sanyo KA-MAP-06 package consists of two products manufactured by Yamaha:

  • the Sanyo KA-MAP-07 Unit Connector, which is a re-branded Yamaha UCN-01, allowing to connect the Kanji Word Processor Unit to a standard 50 pin MSX cartridge slot.
  • a Kanji Word Processor Unit without disk support for MSX1 and higher computers - it's the same as the Yamaha SKW-01 module and includes
    • a 32kB ROM with the application that can be launched with CALL JWP or _JWP
    • a 2kB SRAM
    • a non-standard 128kB Kanji-ROM (JIS1) with 3564 characters
    • a printer connector at the top
    • a switch at the top with the indication "MEMORY POWER" (probably to enable/disable the SRAM)

Extra characters, words and short sentences can be saved.

Launch price: ¥49,800


Sanyo KA-MAP-06 package
Sanyo KA-MAP-06 module
Sanyo KA-MAP-06 package
Sanyo KA-MAP-06 box
Sanyo KA-MAP-06(07) Unit Connector
Sanyo KA-MAP-06(07) package
Sanyo KA-MAP-06 module (label)