Sanyo MLP-001
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The Sanyo MLP-001 is a Light Pen Unit consisting of a cartridge with attached pen and a switch. The unit includes a 8kB ROM with a drawing program (Lightpen Graphics) and new MSX-BASIC instructions - see Expander BASIC.

The switch allows to enable or disable the launching of this firmware when the MSX is turned on. With the ROM switch OFF, the light pen can be used by other programs that specifically support it, although very few programs are known to support it.

In France the MLP-001 was called Crayon Optique, and in Germany Licht Griffel which are translations of Light Pen.


  • A light pen requires a CRT display. It cannot be used with modern LCD displays. In addition this unit can only be used with MSX computer with composite video out (both PAL and NTSC are supported).
  • The MPC-100 computer with which this unit was primarily meant to be used, has an integrated light-pen holder, typically covered by a plastic cover plate with 64K written on it.
  • Sanyo also had the MLP-01 Light Pen Unit. The difference seems to be that the MLP-001 was for the European market with PAL support and the MLP-01 was for Japan with NTSC only support. The MLP-001 works fine with both NTSC and PAL.

Technical and programming information can be found here.

Brand Sanyo
Model MLP-001
Year 1985
Region Europe
Launch price IT: L. 350,000
UK: £89.95
Package content
Emulation ROM dump available, but not emulated



Sanyo MLP-001
Sanyo MLP-001 PCB
Sanyo MLP-001 PCB underside
Sanyo MLP-001 underside
Sanyo MLP-001 (Crayon Optique)
Sanyo MLP-001 box
Sanyo MLP-001 switch
Sanyo MLP-001 connectors


Main menu
Lightpen Graphic


  • Audio input
  • Composite PAL video input (to connect to the composite video output of the computer)
  • Composite PAL video output (to connect to the CRT monitor or TV)
  • Connector for RF adapter

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