Sanyo MPC-X
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The Sanyo MPC-X, a.k.a WavyX, is not a computer, but a Graphic Expander Unit with features especially designed for lightpen and Captain videotex. It was released in the summer of 1984 (August) before the MSX2 was announced.

Product name is "Graphic Expander unit". Launch price was ¥89,800

Size: 380(W)×76(H)×330(L)mm
Weight: 4.1kg

To use this unit, you need to have

  • a MSX1 computer - recommended machines are the following Sanyo machines, because they have a specific expansion bus slot and don't require an adapter:
  • the KA-MPC-X package (¥27,600)
  • optionally the KA-UC-X adapter (¥7,800)
  • optionally a lightpen Y4AA (¥14,000) if the MSX1 computer has a built-in lightpen interface
  • optionally a lightpen with interface MLP-01 (¥30,000) when you use a MSX1 computer without this interface (it's the case of the MPC-6)


  • The lightpen Y4AA is provided with the MPC-11. The lightpen MLP-10 is provided with the MPC-10 and probably the MPC-10mkII. Differences with lightpen Y4AA are unknown.
  • The Sanyo MPC-11 can be used with or without the MPC-X Unit as it has itself superimposing and digitizing capacities. However, the MPC-X is required in combination with the MPC-11 if you want to use the computer as Videotex terminal or enjoy the extra features provided by the MPC-X.

If you want to record drawn and/or superimposed pictures, you need the MSI-01 Super Impose Encoder (¥23,000), which will provide correct encoding before recording on video tape.

The five mentioned Japanese MSX1 computers can be used as Captain videotex terminals with the MPC-X Graphic Expander Unit, but in this case, you also need the MPC-CAP1 Captain Unit (¥178,000).


Sanyo MPC-X
Sanyo MPC-X
Sanyo MPC-X back
Sanyo MPC-X


The MPC-X transforms a MSX1 computer almost in a MSX2 computer as it comes with

  • MSX2 palette: selection of 16 colors amongst 512 RGB colors
  • resolutions: 512x204 with 16 colors (1 page), 512x204 with 4 colors (2 pages), 512x204 with 2 colors (4 pages), 256x204 with 16 colors (2 pages). The high resolution is almost the MSX2 resolution in screen 7: 512x212 - 512x204 is the high resolution of the Captain videotex (while 248x204 is its low resolution)
  • superimposing: with choice between 2 superimposing modes (TV+MPC-X or MPC-X+computer)
  • still function: colors conversion of a video picture into a two colors picture with a gradation of 8, which can be corrected with the lightpen
  • zooming (2x, 4x, 8x)

This device has its own VDP, whose name is GDC. Detailed specifications of this VDP are unknown. Apparently, it uses 64kB of VRAM.


  • RGB21 output
  • Analog sound & Composite video (NTSC) input
  • Analog sound & Composite video (NTSC) output
  • Lightpen connector
  • 20-pin connector (for MEB-01 slot expander or MPC-CAP1 Captain Unit)

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