Sharp HB-4000
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The Sharp HB-4000 is a cartridge that allows to use the 80 column text mode on a MSX1 computer, as it has inside the V9938 video chip and 16kB VRAM. Official product name is "Expansão 80 Colunas".

Contrary to the Gradiente CT-80E and C-80NET cartridges, it does not have a ROM with BIOS. However, it follows the MSX standard strictly, by using the I/O port 88h.

This cartridge is supported by both HB-DOS (MSX-DOS compatible) and HB-MCP (CP/M compatible) operating systems released by Sharp. There is no way to access the 80 column text mode from MSX-BASIC. It implies that you need first to extend the MSX1 computer with the HB-3600 drive interface and a compatible drive.

Brand Sharp
Model HB-4000
Year 1987
Region Brazil
Launch price
Package content
Emulation is emulated


Sharp HB-4000
Sharp HB-4000 close-up