Sony HB-75P
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The Sony HB-75P is the adaptation for the European market of the HB-75 - see HB-75 series for the technical details

Official price for United Kingdom: £299

Dutch introduction price: ƒ 1299.

There are also specific versions for Great Britain, France and Germany - see HB-75B, HB-75D and HB-75F.


The firmware is launched automatically when you boot the machine. It's an English version of the original Japanese software.

It has 6 options: Address, Schedule, Memo, Transfer (replaced by Copy when a HBI-55 cartridge is present), BASIC + DATA CARTRIGE (only if HBI-55 present), BASIC.

The BASIC + DATA CARTRIGE option allows to save little BASIC programs on the data cartridge and to load / run them from this cartridge, with the commands SAVE"CAT:" and LOAD"CAT:".



Sony HB-75P
Sony HB-75P back
Sony HB-75P box


Sony Personal Databank HB-55P or HB-75P without HBI-55 cartridge
Sony Personal Databank HB-55P or HB-75P with HBI-55 cartridge (and HBM-64 RAM extension if HB-55P)