Sony HB-F500
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This machine was aimed at the Japanese market - see HB-F500 series for the technical details. It was first shown to the public at the Japan Electronics Show '85 (Oct 17-22).

It included a disk titled 漢字MEMO (Kanji MEMO), which consists of various office tools like a memo keeping software with Kanji support, calendar, timer, calculator, clock and a game called プリンセス (Princess).

Note: There is no separate MSX-DOS 1 disk coming with this computer. We don't know whether the application disk includes it, as the exact contents of this disk is presently unknown.

Official price: ¥128,000.

It has been localised for several countries:


Sony HB-F500
Sony HB-F500 mainboard
Sony HB-F500 box
Sony HB-F500 computer
Sony HB-F500 back
Sony HB-F500 manuals
Sony HB-F500 keyboard
Sony HB-F500 label