Sony XV-T550
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The Sony XV-T550 is a video titler appliance, aimed at the European market. The system is basically an MSX2, but without the MSX logo. There is also a Japanese version, the XV-J550.

The system is only meant to run the integrated video titler software, and as such does not have a Data Recorder or Floppy drive. It does have an MSX cartridge slot, but only internal to the machine. As such to run MSX programs on it, other then the integrated software there are a few barriers to overcome.

Video output

When the machine starts normally, it does not enable the video output until the embedded video titler software is started. This was probably done to hide the MSX boot logo.

You can bypass the embedded video titler software by shorting joystick pins 1,2 and 9 together and then starting the machine. It will then go to MSX-BASIC, or start a cartridge program if one is inserted. However the display will remain black. To solve this, you need to run a program to switch the output to 50Hz and enable it.

NYYRIKKI on the forum post (linked below), has provided modified DISK ROM firmware to be used with the MegaFlashROM or Nowind Interface to change these settings.


The keyboard provided is not a full keyboard. Unfortunately the keyboard connector on the machine does not have enough pins connected to connect a regular keyboard. NYYRIKKI on the forum post (linked below) provides a solution by using the joystick port for a PS/2 keyboard. Another solution is given in the forums by using a cartridge expander with L.Padial keyboard cartridge.

Sound output

By default the sound is output to a built in speaker in the keyboard.

Cartridge slot

The MSX cartridge slot is internal to the machine, and there is not enough space to put a cartridge in and close the lid. It was meant to be able to connect a diagnostic test cartridge. As such your only options are to leave the case open or to create some kind of ribbon cable expansion to bring the slot outside the case. A example of the latter is given in the forum post (linked below).


Brand Sony
Model XV-T550
Year  ?
Region Europe
Launch price
RAM 64kB
VRAM 128kB
Media MSX cartridges
Video Yamaha V9938
Audio PSG
Chipset Yamaha S1985
Keyboard layout specific keypad
Extras 64kB SRAM, Superimposer, Mouse (Sony MOS-2), special keyboard
Emulation ROM dump needed. See this thread for details


Sony XV-T550
Sony XV-T550 - rear


Software side, this machine has MSX-BASIC 2.0


  • Keyboard connector
  • One Joystick (DB-9 male), meant for the mouse
  • Two sets of RCA Video+Audio output connectors on the rear
  • One set of RCA Video+Audio input connectors on the front
  • One set of RCA Video+Audio input connectors on the rear
  • power cable
  • One 50-pin MSX cartridge slot

Note: No Data recorder connector!

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