Stichting CODE MultiCartridge MCR
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The Stichting CODE MultiCartridge MCR is the combination of several features into one cartridge:

  • Memory Mapper RAM expansion
  • RAMDISK (based on Paul te Bokkel RAMDISK) only available on systems with built-in or external disk drive
  • Printer Spooler

If you press the CODE key when booting, you access a Settings menu where you can

  • set the RAM size that will be used for each of these features
  • enable or disable
    • clearing of the RAMDISK after reset
    • clearing of the Printer Spooler after reset
    • installation of RAMDISK as drive A: (only with firmware 1.1)
    • clearing of the Printer Spooler by using the CODE + BS key combination (CODE + GRAPH with firmware 1.1)
    • write protection of the RAMDISK by using the CTRL + SHIFT key combination (only with firmware 1.1)
    • reset by using the CTRL + CODE + DEL key combination

The settings are saved in SRAM. Two LEDs in front of the cartridge allow to see when the Printer Spooler (green LED) or the RAM Disk (red LED) is in use. The red LED is also very bright when the write protection of the RAMDISK is activated with firmware 1.1.

Five models were available, only different for the RAM size:

Model RAM Size Launch Price
MCR-025 256 kB ƒ 499
MCR-051 512 kB ƒ 579
MCR-076 768 kB ƒ 659
MCR-102 1 MB ƒ 739
MCR-204 2 MB ƒ 799

It can be used on any MSX generation (?except Turbo R), as the MCR cartridge correctly initialises the Memory Mapper also on MSX1.

It was available in the years 1990-1992 in The Netherlands, released by Stichting CODE that became Vroegop Postorders end 1991. A very detailed manual and an overview of all MCR commands (key combinations) was included in the package.


MultiCartridge MCR
MultiCartridge MCR PCB
MultiCartridge MCR PCB back
MultiCartridge MCR back