Tom Et Chérie
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Tom Et Chérie (Tom And Darling) is the first big MSX game published by the French magazine Hebdogiciel. The listing has been divided in 2 parts (Issues 76 and 77 of 29/03/85 and 05/04/85). The game has been created by Jean-Pierre Marin.

To allow his beloved DARLING to take a bath, this dear TOM must improvise himself successively as acrobat, plumber and bomb expert. What he would not make for the love of a beautiful woman ?


Tom Et Chérie - intro screen
Tom Et Chérie - game screen
Tom Et Chérie - end level 1


A malevolent mouse takes a malicious pleasure to cause leaks by dismounting piping. This barbarian act prevents obviously the bath-tub to be filled and provokes a very slipping water puddle, which annoys TOM in his moves.

Fortunately, TOM is enough skilful to repair the damage and does not balk to sponge the disaster by using a floorcloth (hung on the left bottom of the screen).

But that's not all! A bomb, placed beside the tank by God knows who, threats to explode at any moment, so our friend needs constantly to run to extinguish the wick. Fortunately, TOM has a reserve of 4 water tanks (4 lives).

The game has 6 levels. At the end of each level, you will be rewarded with a picture of Chérie in her bath-tub.

Note: The published listing is for playing with the joystick. If you want to use the keyboard, you need to replace J=1 in line 8 by J=0