Toshiba HX-10SA
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The HX-10SA is a rare computer released by Toshiba. It is the HX-10DP, but with 16kB RAM instead of 64kB and without printer port according the manual.

It is just like the next revision after the Toshiba HX-10S. Probably the planned colors were partially different from HX-10S colors to correspond to some HX-10DP colors.

This machine was aimed at the Japanese market under the label 'Pasopia IQ' - see HX-10 series for the technical details.

It is possible that this model was never released (probably because there were still a lot of HX-10S). Nowaday the only known references come from the HX-10DP manual. It was not even listed in Toshiba's advertising of the time.


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