Toshiba HX-30
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The Toshiba HX-30 is a simple MSX1 computer released for the Japanese market, in a black case. It is the first computer in the third series with the "Pasopia IQ" label. It has only 16kB RAM.

Brand Toshiba
Model HX-30
Year 1985
Region Japan
Launch price ¥43,800
RAM 16kB
Media Cartridges
Video Toshiba T6950
Audio PSG (YM2149F)
Chipset  ? Toshiba TCX-1012/TCX-1008
Keyboard layout QWERTY/JIS
Emulation ROM dump needed. See this thread for details.


Toshiba HX-30
Toshiba HX-30 underside
Toshiba HX-30 with box
Toshiba HX-30 left side
Toshiba HX-30 back
Toshiba HX-30 right side
Toshiba HX-30/31/32 manuals
Toshiba HX-30 label


The HX-30 is a MSX1 computer with 2 cartridge slots (one at the top, one at the back) and a Z80A from Sharp (LH-0080A). The used VDP is the Toshiba T6950, which does not support some undocumented features of the Texas Instruments TMS9918, TMS9928 and TMS9929 VDP's.

The 2 joystick ports are located on the right side of the computer, as well as the data recorder connector.