Toshiba T6950
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Toshiba T6950

The Toshiba T6950 is a clone of the Texas Instruments TMS9918 family of VDP chips. It is sometimes used in MSX1 computers and supports all documented screen modes of the TMS9918, TMS9928 and TMS9929.

The initial revision does not support the undocumented modes, in particular the mirrored VDP modes, which is a source of incompatibility with a few games and demos using these modes. This problem is partially fixed in the T6950A and the MSX-Engine T7937 which integrates the T6950B VDP.

In addition the color palette of the T6950 and its revisions is slightly different to the original Texas Instruments implementation, see here for screenshots.

T6950 revisions

There are three known revisions. The T6950, T6950A and the T6950B as integrated into the MSX Engine T7937.

The table below attempts to map the revisions. The table may contain errors, or it may be possible that a vendor used two revisions of the T6950 during the lifetime of the system.

T6950 T6950A T6950B
Al Fateh 100 - - x
Al Fateh 123 - - x
Casio MX-15 x - -
Fenner FPC-500 x - -
Gradiente Expert DDPlus - - x
Gradiente Expert Plus - - x
Hitachi MB-H50 - x -
Nikko PC-70100 - - x
Sakhr AX-170 - - x
Sakhr AX-230 - - x
Sanyo MPC-1 x - -
Sanyo MPC-2 x - -
Sanyo MPC-200 x - -
Sony HB-10B x - -
Sony HB-10D x - -
Sony HB-10P x - -
Sony HB-20P - x -
Sony HB-501P x - -
Toshiba HX-20 x - -
Toshiba HX-20E x - -
Toshiba HX-20I x - -
Toshiba HX-30 x - -
Toshiba HX-31 (*) x - -
Toshiba HX-32 x - -
Toshiba HX-51 - - x
Toshiba HX-52 - - x

(*) probably

T6950 Pinout

The Sony HB-10P/10B Service Manual has the following pin out information:

Toshiba T6950 - Pinout
Toshiba T6950 - Pinout