Yamaha CA-01
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The Yamaha Single Cartridge Adapter allows to use the specific Yamaha Expansion Bus Connector, as found on some MSX1 Victor and Yamaha computers on the back under a cover labelled "PEAP Slot", as a second cartridge slot:

It is actually a male edge connector. By default it is covered up to prevent dirt from entering the system, or accidental shorting of pins.


  • The Sakhr AX-100 has also this expansion bus, but it can't be used because it's occupied by the Arabic rom.
  • The MSX2 Yamaha YIS-805/128 and /256 also have an expansion bus, but these machines already have two MSX catridge slots, and the expansion bus is probably different, as it is meant for a digitizer.
Brand Yamaha
Model CA-01
Year 1983
Region Europe, JP
Launch price ¥3,800
Package content CA-01 Single Cartridge Adapter


Yamaha CA-01 with Japanese box
Yamaha CA-01 with European box
Yamaha CA-01 European box
CA-01 Japanese box (back)
CA-01 European box (back)
Yamaha CA-01 back (v.1)
Yamaha CA-01 back (v.2)
Yamaha edge connector