Yamaha SCA-01
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The Yamaha SCA-01 is a module that contains an interface allowing to connect some MSX2 computers to the Yamaha MD-01 Captain Modem Unit. Official name is "Captain Adapter Unit".

You need a Japanese MSX2 computer with at least 128kB RAM, 128kB VRAM and a Yamaha module slot, what limits the choice to the 5 following computers:

The interface allows the MSX2 computer to become a Videotex terminal level 2 with all its features:

  • All graphic Captain information can be displayed without exception, including graphic mosaic
  • Captain tones are produced by a Yamaha MSX-MUSIC chip (YM2143) without FM-BIOS rom (CALL MUSIC does not work)
  • Hard copy to printer
  • Image saving to disk (when disk drive present)
  • Memory function
  • Mouse support

Launch price: ¥40,000


Yamaha SCA-01