Yamaha YRK-50
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The YRK-50 is a cartridge released by Yamaha, it is meant to be used in combination with the SKW-05 Kanji Word Processor and has a Kanji dictionary of 56355 words.

The official name is 文節変換カートリッジ or Phrase Conversion Cartridge.

In both function and appearance, it would appear very similar to the National FS-SR022.

It can be used directly with the YIS-805 computer, which had the SKW-05 module built-in, or alternatively when used in combination with the SKW-05 module, with the YIS-604/128 or YIS-503II machines.

Launch price: ¥25.800


Yamaha YRK-50
Yamaha YRK-50 box and content
Yamaha YRK-50 back

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