Yamaha YRM-301
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The YRM-301 (YRM-31 in Japan) MIDI Recorder is a powerful utility to transform the MSX1/MSX2 CX computers into a central control station for the recording, editing and playback of MIDI sequences and songs, as you can combine it with many other Yamaha devices such as for example the DX7 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer, the TX7 Tone Generator and the RX15 Rhythm Sequencer. It was released in 1985 and has mouse support.

All data and parameters can be saved on disk, cassette tape or Data Memory cartridge UDC-01.

Contrary to other Yamaha cartridges, the software is not launched automatically after booting. You need to enter CALL MR or _MR.



Differents settings are available, some of them can only be displayed by clicling on the 5th icon from the left.

Main settings

Parameter Values
Bank Internal bank to record a performance (4 banks available) Change the position of the cursor before selecting
Metronome ON / OFF
Re Record Ready Select 1 of the 4 tracks before recording
Pu Punch In/Out Record Select 1 of the 4 tracks before using this feature after having activated Auto Record mode
Pl Playback Select the track(s) for playback
MCh MIDI channel 1 to 16 or M(ulti Mode)
Tempo 40 to 200
Time Signature Numerator = Number of Beats 2 to 16
Denominator = Beat Length 2, 4, 8 or 16
Loc / A.R. Record mode switch Location Block / Auto Record
Tr Transpose -12 to 12

System settings (5th icon)

Parameter Values
Clock Synchronization clock Internal or MIDI
MIDI Out MIDI Output mode Normal or Mix
Rec Mode Recording mode Aft(er Touch) or No aft
Send Req Send Request ON / OFF (not fully implemented, must be OFF)
Printer Printer type and printing quality 4 options: MSX A, MSX B, EPSON A, EPSON B

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