Yeno DPQ-380
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The Yeno DPQ-380 is a Quick Disk Drive with interface to be inserted in a cartridge slot.

It is the same device as the Daewoo DPQ-280, but is available only in black color and aimed at the international market. It was manufactured by Daewoo and sold under the brand name Yeno, mainly in France.

The interface has its own 2kB SRAM and a 8kB ROM with version 1.0 of QuickDisk BASIC.

This device was also sold under other brands:


Yeno DPQ-380 box
Yeno DPQ-380 interface
Yeno DPQ-380 interface underside
Yeno DPQ-380 unit and interface
Yeno DPQ-380
Yeno DPQ-380 underside