Zemina Family Card
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The Zemina Family Card is an extension to play the Famicom games on MSX. It was sold in the late 80's, early 90's in South Korea.

There are three buttons on the Family Card top. From left to right, it is RESET, then START, and finally SELECT. Some exemplars have stickers in front to mention the function of these buttons.

The MSX keyboard is used instead of a game controller, keys mapping is: Space for the button A, GRAPH for the button B, and arrow keys for the directions.

This cartridge has several connectors: RF output, audio and composite video output, so you can connect it to a monitor or TV.

It has a built-in DC power supply, so you can enjoy large-capacity games without burden by supplying power to models with weak power.

Launch price: ₩5,000


Family Card packaging
Family Card
Family Card box
Family Card top buttons
Family Card box opened